Proadd Ultimate question

Deborah Ide

My horse's equine dentist (who is a vet) was just here to float Tara's teeth. We got to talking about IR, nutrition, etc..He mentioned that Tara'stop line didn't look  quite as well as it should. That was something I noticed also  in the last week or two after she lost some weight because I cut her fed back a bit due to the regular  vet telling me that she should lose about 50 pounds or so back  in June. Equine dentist vet does a lot of investigating of all sorts of horse related issues and suggested she might not be getting enough protein. He recommended a product called Proadd Ultimate by Progressive Nutrition. It has low NSC. I would like to get some feedback on what the experts think about feeding this along with a hay (low protein of 7% or so) and the mineal mix balanced to it, just to give her more protein for muscle development. I know we could use whey powder but wondering if this would work well also.



In Tennessee

November 2012

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