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This reminded me that I have been wanting to ask for a refresher on symptoms.  Is the puffy fat pads over the eyes more related to PPID or IR?  I have numerous horses with one or the other and some with both conditions and one seems to have fat pads over the eyes that change more often than the others and I am trying to determine which condition might be out of balance. 

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Sent: Wednesday, August 24, 2016 12:02 PM
Subject: [ECIR] To All Members - In search of photo examples

Hi All

We are in need of new pics of member horses for web site and otehr pprojects.

We need inspirational - showing what is possible, where you were before, where you are and what your PPID/IR horse is now capable of as a result of using DDT+E.

We also need pics showing symptoms, muscle loss, cresty neck or other lumpy fat patches, eye fat, hay belly, skin sensitivities, weepy eyes.

If you have these in your file already or can send to me, or can get new ones, please drop me a note at threecatfarm "at" cyberpine "dot" net.

Many thanks for all your help.
Nancy C in NH
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