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Saucier Kathy


I have some old 35mm photos that I had scanned to the computer from 2004-2005 when Magic was diagnosed with Cushing's and IR.  The 35mm photos are of his fat pads over the eyes and swollen sheath.  Not the best photos compared to today's digital but I can send them if you want them.  I also have coat photos, both in 35mm scanned and digital shots.  And some showing muscle loss.

Magic never had "good enough" control with the Pergolide.  We seemed to always be chasing it and upping the APF to counteract the side affects.  But he did go for 3 1/2 years and was rideable for 2 of them and was trained to drive a cart when we stopped riding.  Cute photo of him with clipped coat and hitched up.  Let me know what you want sent and how much you can receive in your box at a time. Each is 1-2+ MB each so I can reduce size or send as they are.

Kathy Saucier




From: [] On Behalf Of Nancy C
Sent: Wednesday, August 24, 2016 1:03 PM
Subject: [ECIR] To All Members - In search of photo examples


Hi All

We are in need of new pics of member horses for web site and otehr pprojects.

We need inspirational - showing what is possible, where you were before, where you are and what your PPID/IR horse is now capable of as a result of using DDT+E.

We also need pics showing symptoms, muscle loss, cresty neck or other lumpy fat patches, eye fat, hay belly, skin sensitivities, weepy eyes.

If you have these in your file already or can send to me, or can get new ones, please drop me a note at threecatfarm "at" cyberpine "dot" net.

Many thanks for all your help.
Nancy C in NH
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