Re: Jesse needs a pergolide increase

LJ Friedman

thanks for the reply. I'm thinking of being a bit more aggressive and increasing by 2 mg instead of 1. Here are my thoughts and methods

Yesterday, I added .50mg prascend to 8.0 mg comp perg which equals 8.565 comp equivalent

( 1.0 mg prascend = 1.13 compounded perg so .50 mg increased the comp by .65mg  ( 1/2 of 1.13)

When I add /titrate an additional .50 mg prascend ( 1.0 mg total prascend) . to 8.0 mg comp capsule that equals 9.13  compounded perg.  ( petshealth doesmt make a 9.13 comp capsule) and I wouldnt want to give a 9.0 mg comp capsule strength.

When I add/titrate an addl .50 mg prascemd 1.5 mg total prascend to 8.0 mg comp capsule. that equals

9.70 comp equiv.. After 4 days on 9.70 equiv. I would have 10mg comp perg capsules on hand. And re-test the 10mg dose in 3 weeks

Thoughts on my plan are needed  thanks
LJ Friedman San Diego Nov 2014

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