Re: Iron excess in diet

Kathy Brinkerhoff

Hi Nancy and All,

As one of the balancers who on occasion recommends TC 30% for certain hay profiles balancings/diets;  I would like to point out the trace ratio for the product at one pound is  Iron 341 mg: Cu 134 mg: Zinc 427 mg: Manganese 263 mg or 2.5:1:3:2..  ODTBC trace ratio per pound is Iron 137 mg: Copper 13.6 mg: Zinc 41 mg Manganese 41 mg or 10:1:3:3.  I often resort to the TC 30% for the Calcium 20.4 grams, Phosphorus 6.8 grams and Magnesium 10.9 grams, the iron is tightly balanced by the copper and zinc, low manganese contribution and because it contains Iodine 2.0 mg and Selenium 1.5 mg.  Most horses will eat it so in my experience for some hays it works as the basis for a piece meal supplementation carrier.  I took my information from my feed profiles file so if this incorrect please let me know.  

Kathy Brinkerhoff

SE/WI  10/12

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