Devils Claw Source and Dosage

Stephanie Stout

Hey Everyone,

In a previous message thread about King, Dr. Kellon mentioned that he would be a good candidate for Devils Claw. I did a search of old messages, but the sources of Devils Claw I found there are no longer in service. So, where can I get Devils Claw that is safe for IR/Cushings? I found many pre-made Devil Claw supplements on the web but they have Yucca in them. And, what is the dosage for a 1300-1400 lb horse?

Thank you very much. King is doing well, he is getting his feet slowly better/healed, and I just upped his Pergolide dosage for the seasonal rise so he's feeling very perky! All thanks to this group's knowledge and support. 
Stephanie & King
October 2014
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