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Has anyone ever tried supplementing with E3Live or E3AFA for horses? It's an organic blue green algae w/crystalloid Electrolyte Sea Minerals in a flake form from Klamath Algae Products in Placerville CA. They say it is very beneficial at helping to rebuild damaged hooves, improve sole depth, abscesses, lameness etc., and the testimonials from users, farriers & vets are very positive. I'm sure these are hand picked testimonials, but still the data sheet gives a list of nutrient composition per 1 gr. It looks interesting. I am balancing minerals in my low sugar hay as recommended but would like to try this supplement to help with increasing my horse's soles which are on the thin side of normal. My horse is I.R. And recovering from a laminitis / founder episode 10 1/2 months ago. He is doing great with 0 rotation now and is sound. We had our first ride last week. Feedback is appreciated.

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