Re: Low Sugar/Starch Hay Sources Sonoma County CA?

LeeAnne Bloye <ecir.archives@...>

On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 09:07 am, Gail Russell wrote:
 Is there a way to post it into a database so all can use it?

Hi Gail and the others in this thread,

This is so nice of you to consider others in your area.  You should upload them to your case history's Hay Analysis folders.   So that other members who might be searching for local hay can find the analysis, the Regional Member's Database has been edited to now include "Hay Analysis Reports of some locally hays".  You can either make an entry or edit a previous entry in the Regional Member's Database .  Then local members looking for local hay analysis can then contact you for your case history link or an emailed copy. 

Our members rock. Thanks for taking the time to help others by sharing your information.  


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