Super Chasteberry or Evitex instead of Prascend

Addie Horn <ahorn555@...>

I have two gelding quarterhorses who are both cushings.  One 23 year old one 13.  The thirteen is on 1 and 1/2 tablet of Prascend daily, his ACTH was not in  normal range.  My 23 year old Max, is in normal range on his tests with one tablet daily.  Pauls veterinary supply here in NM, suggested I could try either of these products on them Super Chasteberry,  or Evitex.  There customers have had a lot of success and these supplements are much cheaper does anyone have any knowledge of these products.  I have not been able to add a case history.  I am not good on computers, I have Chemo brain, and it is very hard for me.  Thank you to anyone who will respond to this request.  I also have the question in to my vet.  Addie Horn

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