Re: Super Chasteberry or Evitex instead of Prascend

Addie Horn <ahorn555@...>

Thank you so much.  So far We have been lucky with Max, no laminitis. and his feet look okay on his xrays.  Captain is younger and I want to make sure I help to control his since he was diagnosed since at 11.  But his numbers are just a tad bit high, so we went to 1 and 1/2 pills on him.  After the fall normal rise, I will have them tested again to see how they are doing.  I am moving both boys down to Texas, Wimberley, in the hill country in the middle of November.  They have some of their winter coat now, and I will have to watch them in the heat and humidity down there.  But have my vet all lined up.  I'm wondering if they will shed some of the winter coat down there in the heat.  Thank you for your response. this is a great group I read most of the messages to stay informed for my guys.

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