Re: Hoof photos posted for evaluation please.


I've sent the information to my vet and farrier. They do not see sinking - so what are you referring to as sinking?  There was a second vet that took the recent x-rays and he also does not see sinking. How can you tell if his heels are underun when he's wearing shoes?  My vet and farrier saved G and have gotten him this far, so I trust them. Just trying to figure this all out. 

I've been looking at hoof boots and I'm not convinced that these are the answer for him. I can't see them being comfortable for a horse 24/7. He will need boots for all 4 feet and to get good ones they are expensive.  Also need boots for all the time and for riding.  Are there some that are good for both?  What are the chances he will get to where he doesn't needs shoes or boots?  Or maybe just boots for riding. His paddock is going to get very muddy this winter.

Feeling very confused.  

- Patty 
Sept 2016
Kernersville NC

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