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I have always wanted to take one of your courses since joining the group but thought I would try to gather information & understanding in this group first as I was a bit overwhelmed when I joined. I know I have a long way to go in the learning process but feel I may have a grasp on IR issues with my mare. With help from this group she is back to her old self, has had a complete overhaul of her diet and has had 3 fantastic foals. She is a PRE and I know within the PRE-Pure Spanish Horse/Andalusian & Lusitano breeds, IR or any metabolic issue is prevalent but never mentioned, a blemish among breeders and most hide their prize horses that have foundered or are severely laminitic. I tell everyone interested in the breed about it. I would really like to gain more insight so that I can effectively give diet/feeding instructions to people who buy foals from me. The last two foals have been grain free and basically eating the same diet as the dam with no issues. The ones before that all had some form of physitis or minor ocd when fed the usual "growth" feed specifically for foals. I was told that this could also because by rich pasture or the dam's milk. I have read all the course outlines and would love some input on which course to take. I don't know if I should start with NCR Plus, Management for Pregnancy and Growth or Cushings and Insulin Resistance. I have read the outlines but don't know if there is a specific course that comes first or if I take the Management for Pregnancy and Growth does it have to be tweaked for IR horses? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Dawn & Roma


August 2011

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