Re: Need more help managing & handling Satra - partially blind PPID/IR mare


From what you describe, if it were me, I would probably give up on her, but I do not mean to recommend that to you.  When you mentioned a sound, I am reminded of clickers, which are possibly more controllable than bells (though maybe a more fearsome sound?).  Here is a blog about working with a partially blind horse:

Unfortunately, from what I understand, you are describing terror that occurs at random, and not necessarily when you are stimulating her in some way, or even on the scene..  I cannot imagine how you could fix that with some special kind of handling.  Maybe a white noise machine?  Or, a complete blackout fly mask.  

I have used free shaping with a clicker to get horses to come down fear, but not overwhelming terror in the moment.  You would have to use a big plastic hay bucket and throw a treat into that that she could locate by sound.

As I said, I would probably not continue myself.  I have some extra soft fly masks that I could send to you or send a link, if that would help


Gail Russell 8/30/2008

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