Concentrate Question


Hello all,

I am having a difficult time reworking the diets of two Haflingers and a Mustang, all have the potential for IR.  With limited pasture now, I am attempting to determine the safest sources of concentrate/hay for the three.  They have all been on first cut Timothy for the spring/summer months, and just a handful of Copra as a carrier for their minerals, etc. 

Now they are all dropping weight, so I will need to increase the quality of hay and/or add more concentrate.  I am leaning towards Orchard Grass hay, if the starch level is acceptable, but I'm not sure about an acceptable level of protein?

I am also looking at Stabul 1 or Triple Crown Lite for the concentrate, but based on the analysis in the files section of the group, it looks like the TC Lite is testing at 13.4% ESC+Starch and 371mg/lb of Iron and the Stabul 1 has less ESC+Starch at 6.7%, but still has 278mg/lb of Iron......which I am trying to minimize.

Would any of the above options be acceptable as a diet for my other non-IR horses? Quality hay is difficult to locate in South Florida (and very pricey), so if I can find something the barn can eat, it will be much easier to test/balance......and hopefully provide the best nutrition for the volume to minimize cost.

Thanks in advance for any input/suggestions......
Cami Kanner

Vero Beach, FL


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