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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

On Tue, Dec 6, 2016 at 05:35 am, Jean Kemmerer wrote:
 The pharmacy called my vet and told him that 1mg of their pergolide contains 1.31mg of pergolide.  So my question:  Am I giving my horse 10mg or 13.1mg of pergolide?

What they said is 1 mg - 1.31 mg of pergolide mesylate. In other words, they take the weight of the mesylate portion into consideration to make sure a 1 mg capsule actually has a full 1 mg of pergolide in it (like Permax).  The confusion comes in with a USP monograph giving instructions for preparing compounded liquid veterinary pergolide (they don't have one for powder or capsules) that called for 1 mg of pergolide mesylate rather than 1 mg of actual pergolide.  Pharmacies following that monograph were not providing a true 1 mg of actual pergolide.
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