Re: Selecting Hay for the Easy Keeper


Just a cautionary note.  I had my Norwegian Fjord colic right before Thanksgiving when we were feeding stemmy first cutting orchard grass.  

He was on and off gassy, and not feeling great.  Then, along came a weather change, and cold nights and warm, sunny days, and a change in the barometric pressure..  Ordinarily, I would blame this all on the weather, but we replaced that hay shortly thereafter with 2nd cutting orchard grass, and he looks and acts much happier overall than he had during the entire two or three months we had the stemmier hay. 

 I think he may have had a chronic tummy ache from the steminess.  The colic was cured with banamine and buscapine (sp) that relaxed his intestines pretty much instantly.

Gail Russell
Brother,, QH 25 years old
July 2009

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