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Tori & Floss

Hey Pauline,

Thanks so much for your reply.

I have not had any bloods taken as yet but I will.

The trigger for her laminitis was a lush paddock full of clover. Tell tale signs of hardening crest and fatty lumps over her rump. Was not getting enough work.

I have been in contact with Carol Layton and Floss is on her Laminitis Mix along with a 500g Hygain Zero 2x a day. In that I also add, Salt, Vit E capsules, Linseed and MSM.

I will discontinue the MSM. 

She also has 6kg of soaked Meadow Hay spread over 24hr period. The hay has been tested and is less 10% sugar and starch :-)

She has been on Gastro Coat as I am still giving her Bute. But this has been reduced to 6ml a day as Floss has turned a corner since taking her off the Lucerne Hay and incorporating Carol's supps and following your diet.

The Hawthorn Berry, White Willow Bark and Turmeric I purchased to replace the Bute. I have not started her on those herbs as yet as they haven't arrived in the mail.

Do you think I should get the Jiagoulan as well??

I weigh her with a tape every week and at this stage she is averaging 6kg a week. She has lost 30kgs so far.

Floss is not on any grass at all atm. She is stabled with an adjoining yard of rubber. 

I have found a fantastic barefoot trimmer and am happy with her work and she is visiting regularly and micro-managing Floss's feet. The boots have really helped but I was very happy to have all her shoes pulled off and treat her barefoot. 

She is not well enough at this stage for any exercise and I will be walking her in hand and not do any circles once she is ready.

My original question was how long before she can go out onto a dry paddock? Does it depend on her bloods?

Thanks so much for your help.

Cheers Tori


December, 2016

Adelaide Australia

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