Floss Blood Work

Tori & Floss

I  had Floss's bloods done on 22/12/2016. 

It has been sent to me but not presented as a lab report.

The vet wrote * In-house Glucose test carried out on Accu-check Performa Unit and Glucose Score is 5.5mmol/l on 22/12/2016.

The normal range Glucose for Equine is 0.56 - 38.85mmol/l so Floss is within low to normal range*.

I have rung them to ask for the Insulin levels are and the vet told me as the glucose levels are low/good the insulin levels are the same?

Is this a good enough Blood test to add to my Case History?

Thank you.


December, 2016

Adelaide Australia

Case History  https://ecir.groups.io/g/CaseHistory/files/Tori%20and%20Floss  

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