Re: banamine for laminitic pain

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Lorna and Nancy have already addressed the fatalistic (not realistic, fatalistic) aspect of the message.  If it was 15 years ago, she might be right.  Even today some horses have too much damage or too much chronic nerve alteration to be helped. In that case they should be euthanized. You don't know that about Jesse.

The description of latching onto something out of feeling powerless is what is going on with the Banamine. Clearly it's not helping him. In fact, there is a very good chance it is hurting him and making his feet worse.  Please print these out and give to your trainer and vet:

What is there to lose by stopping an approach that is not helping, probably hurting, and at least trying something else for two weeks?  I would do the following:

A.  When his boots arrive, start wrapping the right front foot and coronary band with heavy duty plastic wrap before booting to hold heat and moisture

B.  Start Jioagulan, ideally by syringe or hand feeding 20 minutes before meals 1 tsp twice a day or start with 2 teaspoons twice a day if must be fed with meals.  Make note of the color of his gums and tongue.  If not more pink by 24 hours after stopping Banamine, increase the dose.

C.  Start Banamine taper, 7.5 mL once  a day for 2 days; 5 mL once a day for 2 days then stop

D.  Start acetyl-L-carnitine 1 gram/100 lbs bodyweight daily for possible neuropathic pain and IR support.

The latter is because of the possibility that what was thought to be arthritic pain in the past was actually subacute hoof pain. It can also help with insulin sensitivity.

Get him onto the cubes as soon as they arrive and continue with the frequent trims. You are very lucky that according to his last radiographs these feet are very "fixable" in terms of alignment.

Finally, remember the goal is stabilization then steady improvement. His course may be up and down for a while but you should see progressive improvement.  When feeling frustrated it often helps to compare to what he was like at his worst. Bottom line is that he needs time to heal. There are more parallels with a fracture than something like a headache which just goes away.  Some connections of the coffin bone to the hoof wall are "broken".  He also may very well have more collections that need to drain but hopefully that will happen fairly quickly.
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