I fed zinc instead of calcium/best place to buy calcium


So, I did something really stupid (darn Fibro and brain).  When I was to put more calcium in the container I feed it from, I'm pretty sure I put zinc in it. So, yesterday and today my horse didn't want to eat his breakfast - that's when he gets the minerals. He's supposed to get 1 tablespoon calcium carbonate and about 3/4 of a 1/4 teaspoon zinc (hope that makes sense - was told to give a very rounded 1/8 tsp, but don't have 1/8 tsp to measure with). I think he was getting his normal amount of zinc and an additional tablespoon (since I'm pretty sure it wasn't calcium I put in container). It was only 2 days so I'm not super concerned. He didn't eat it all and the pony finished his feed. 

Should I skip feeding the zinc (or maybe skip zinc, copper and calcium) for a couple days, or feed the regular amounts starting tomorrow?  

Also, where is cheapest place to buy calcium carbonate?  Seems my 5 lb bag is going to go kinda quickly with feeding it to two.  I bought from HorseTech  

thank you all again for help!!!


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