Re: I fed zinc instead of calcium/best place to buy calcium


Hi, Patty - Dr. Kellon says the NRC upper suggested safe mineral intake for zinc is 5,000 mg daily, but that safe levels are probably ten times this, especially short term. If you are using zinc sulfate, with 35.5% zinc content, then the rounded tablespoon plus the 1/8th will be about 31 grams (just measured that volume of zinc sulfate on my scale). That gives about 11,000 mg of zinc; so over two days, not a big deal. If you are using zinc proteinate, or some other form of zinc, it will be much, much less (depending on which one).

It won't hurt to skip the zinc for 24 hours; or just skip all the minerals for 24 hours, then start again.

I wonder if you can order feed-grade calcium carbonate from your feed store?


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