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From my experience and that of others on the list, the best turn-out boots are Easy-boot Transition, Easy-boot Cloud, Cavallo Simple Sport (this is what I had on Maggie when the temps dipped below -20 C and there was no snow on the ground), any of the Equine Fusion (I find they don't stay on when riding, but not a problem for Winnie); the Transitions or Clouds look like the best bet for turn-out (I haven't used them yet), but of course they are the most costly.  Here are a couple of UK websites, which have boots and also good information on measuring and ordering:   Be prepared for a certain amount of frustration measuring the feet, deciding which boots will suit best, and which ones to order. It's nice if you can send them back if they don't fit. (horse's feet, like human feet, can be quite variable.)

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