Re: I fed zinc instead of calcium/best place to buy calcium


Turns out the ponies did not finish the feed today. I had left it out where they could get it and bucket wasn't clean. Smart ponies, stupid human!

Thank you Jaini for the numbers.  I have been meaning to call a local feed store to see if they have it.

I appreciate the link for the food grade Ca carb.  I think I saw that before I ordered, but the person who did my balancing didn't recommend ordering except from known sources. And something amount the actual amount that's in it determines how much I need to feed?  Does anybody know if I can use what's available at that link and how much I would feed?  Or do I need to call company to find out how much cal is in it? I think Horsetech is 38%, but not sure I'm saying this correctly. I really need to cut back costs. 

I will eventually look at getting a gram scale, but for now I have to pay off my $400 credit card bill and I don't even have that. Over 1/2 of that is from horses (hay analysis and minerals) and cats. And one cat is going to vet on Tues (ringworm again and/or allergies). Just trying to hang on and do what I can for my horse.  Hopefully finances will change in a couple months.

Thank you!!!!


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