Re: I fed zinc instead of calcium/best place to buy calcium


I have not done any bloodwork. I cannot afford it at this time.  He is no longer on Remission - only ca carbonate, zinc, and copper were recommended by balancer from hay analysis.  Hope this is correct, because I always thought Remission helped him.  No longer on TC 30%.

I cannot update CH on my own. I sent updates to LeeAnne before Christmas, but haven't heard from her.  Was waiting till after holidays to contact her again.  I don't have emergencies, so I feel I can wait till after holidays.  Unfortunately, I hit send before I finished all my updates, so don't want to be too much a bother to LeeAnne.  I am very thankful for all her help and trying not to be too difficult. 

I did briefly look at gram scales and if I can find an inexpensive one that weighs small enough amount, I should be able to get one. 

This is what was recommended to give him:

"Between 7.5 to 10  grams of elemental calcium
200 mg of zinc ( .9 grams of poly zinc 22%)

80 mg of copper ( .6 grams of poly copper 12.7%)"


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