Hay Results


Ok!  I am on to my next steps.

I just received my hay results.  But......I am not sure how to read them or what I am looking for "exactly".  I thought there was a "hay calculator" but I have searched everywhere and I can't seem to find it.

Anyone able to take a look at my CH and tell me what they think of my hay results?  And/or direct me to where the calculator might be (if there is one)?

Assuming my hay is OK, I will start balancing his diet with any supplements that he will need.  If anyone can help with that within this group, I will listen.  :)  If not, I know I need to email my CH & my hay results to one of our contacts and work directly with them.  Another NOTE:  He is a very picky eater and he hates all things "powder".  I know I am probably going to have to work diligently to change this.  He has been this way for 13 years (his entire life) currently he is getting his Flax seed & Salt on his soaked hay but hoping to change that "if" my hay is ok.

I am hoping my hay is fine and I can move onto the next steps and get Stormy rolling into a better life.

My CH is also updated 100% (except for the Emergency diet info- which I was advised by another member that I will need to update that once I get my hay/supplements in place). Currently he is getting soaked hay, 2 Mag pills (which he fights and probably isn't getting all of them, 1 Vit E & 4 tbs Flax seed & 1 tbs salt (per the emergency diet).

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!
- Amy 10-2016

Mooresville, Indiana 

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