Re: new member, trim evaluation request


Thank you Lavinia. The farrier is coming Friday; I have the vet coming on Feb. 10th and will do x-rays (and bloodwork), then have the farrier back immediately after that. For Friday, do you have a picture of a snubbed off toe I can show my farrier? Jasper has always had flared pancake feet (like his mum), but the length issue has come about since last spring (my regular farrier is battling a serious illness and so I've had someone else kindly step up in the interim). It would help if I could show him what the final product we're aiming for looks like, in addition to the marked up photos.

I also want to be clear about exercise right now. Are we looking at nothing for 6-9 months from the time these feet finally achieves their proper shape? He's about halfway grown out from the laminitis episode last May.

Kristen and Jasper

December 16, BC Canada

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