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On Wed, Jan 25, 2017 at 03:55 pm, k frog wrote:

Is my diet not tight enough? My hay tests at 10.3% ESC/Starch and I am soaking it for one hour. I am thinking of retesting this hay to verify the results that were given to me by the hay dealer at the time of purchase. Does this seem a reasonable path to investigate? I have enough of this hay in my loft for the rest of this season. Is it possible that even soaking this hay is not going to work for her?

 Exercise? I will have radiographs taken again in a few weeks. If those show that her feet are back in balance, and she is travelling sound, would it be possible to start her back into some kind of exercise? I realize ideally her feet need a full year to rebuild the damaged capsule, but without exercise?

 When should I retest her Insulin and/or not, Glucose? And can I retest those values at a different lab?(I can run those tests at Antech through my work at a discount)

 Hi Karen,

The results indicate that insulin is not controlled, so you have your diagnosis part of the DDTE protocol.  Now you are questioning your diet, which is the right thing to do.  Looking at your hay analysis, it ought to soak out well.  I had a similar hay, soaked 7 lbs in a 15 gallon tub filled with well water, soaked for an hour, drained well, and when I dried a sample and sent it for testing, it came back about 6% ESC + starch.  The starch won't change because it isn't very water soluble, but the ESC should come down 30% or more.  How much water are you using?  Are you draining it well?  You could dry a sample and get that retested along side a new hay test of the unsoaked.  Retesting the hay is a good idea, using the trainer's package.  Is she getting any grass?  Unauthorized treats?

Exercise is the best IR buster there is, but only to the extent that she is comfortable and walking correctly,  For more information:

It's best to test both insulin and glucose to monitor her IR status, but I wouldn't retest until you've made some changes that may be improving her insulin.  Cornell is the recommended lab for this blood work.
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