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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Kristen,

Here's a link to one:,,,20,1,0,0

The reason he has flared, pancake feet is that the toes are being left too long horizontally and the walls are being ALLOWED to flare instead of being kept tightly beveled inward. Same goes for his mum. It is fixable on both of them but someone needs to do the fixing and then maintain it.

How long to wait before starting formal exercise is going to depend on how long it takes to get the trim set up correctly so the feet start to actually heal. Once the template is in place - and being maintained there - need to wait until there is at least half of the damaged hoof grown out. This is especially important in a horse as big as Jasper because gravity is working against you. A pony/small horse will usually come back much more quickly. If there is no active laminitis, adding Jiaogulan to the supplements will help increase circulation and that will increase the rate of growth.
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