Re: Floss Blood Work

Tori & Floss

Thanks for all your replies :-)

I have spoken to the vet twice. The bloods were tested in house at the vet clinic. He told me he didn't know where to send the sample to get a result for 

The results have been emailed to me and are on a piece of the vet practices letterhead and say exactly what I wrote in my first message.

The vet wrote * In-house Glucose test carried out on Accu-check Performa Unit and Glucose Score is 5.5mmol/l on 22/12/2016.

The normal range Glucose for Equine is 0.56 - 38.85mmol/l so Floss is within low to normal range*

It sounds to me like I need to copy off the recommendations of Paulines to get all the results I need.

I'm beginning to feel more and more that the vets in my part of the world are clueless :-(


December, 2016

Adelaide Australia

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