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I am trying to figure out a way to get my horse to eat his full dose of nutritional powder without reducing the efficacy of the supplement. He is boarded and the farmhand makes up the meals 9 to 12 hours in advance.


I have tried leaving a small amount of the powder mixed in with TC30 pellets and work up to the full dose of the nutritional powder, custom-mixed by HorseTech. However, when I reach a certain point, not close to the full dose, the horse refuses to eat his meal of TC 30. I am considering adding beet pulp to the meal to further dilute the taste of the powder.



Does moisture over the course of hours or days affect the efficacy of the nutritional powder? Here are two thoughts I had:


1.       The farmhand, who prepares the meals 9-12  hours in advance of feeding, pours Cocosoya oil on the TC 30 and HorseTech mixture and adds beet pulp that is already saturated with water. In other words, the powder is mixed in with Cocosoya oil and moist beet pulp for up to 12 hours.


2.       I prepare the meals for seven days and leave them in the refrigerator I just installed in the feed room. The meals would be a mixture of TC30, the Cocosoya oil , beet pulp and HorseTech supplement. That means the nutritional powder would be mixed in with foodstuffs prepared with oil and water for up to a week. I would do this to ensure that the food is thoroughly mixed and make it easier for the farmhand, who may or may not cut corners depending on how slammed he is.



I also bought peppermint oil but have not asked the farmhand to pour that into the mix. The same question would apply: would leaving the powder in food that contains peppermint oil mixed with water affect the value of the supplement?



I do have a message out to Rod at HorseTech but in case he doesn’t know the answer I thought I’d ask in case anyone here has been in a similar situation. Thanks!



Karin & Inky

Forest, VA


July 27, 2015

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