Re: Nutritional powder exposed to moisture


Hi, I don't know the answer about the powder and moisture.  Could you have the TC30 and Nutritional Powder together in one container or Baggie, and the beet pulp and oil soaked and mixed together in a bucket?  And then at feeding time just have him thoroughly mix the dry and wet together?  That's what I do, but I'm not at a busy barn. I have a big mixing spoon in the barn. 

I don't think a week at a time would work.  I believe beet pulp when wet/soaked is only supposed to be refrigerated for a couple days at a time.  Any longer and supposed to be frozen.  I'm thinking if you soaked the powder for 9-12 hrs, it would make all the feed taste bad if it's the taste he doesn't like.  But could be worth a try if it's ok to do with the powder.  

I've also read here that some people have to top dress the minerals rather than mix in.  

Good luck!


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