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From Patty: Could you have the TC30 and Nutritional Powder together in one container or Baggie, and the beet pulp and oil soaked and mixed together in a bucket?  And then at feeding time just have him thoroughly mix the dry and wet together?  That's what I do, but I'm not at a busy barn. I have a big mixing spoon in the barn. 



I can try. Previously when I have left colanders for r/s/r of beet pulp, or big spoons and big containers for mixing, they have not been used. That is why I try to make things as simple as possible.


Based on the group’s feedback I went out and got a small fridge for the feed room so I could prepare beet pulp in advance that is r/s/r. Usually I can’t get to the barn except on weekends. Someone had said a few days worth of BP could be stored in the fridge, as well as frozen BP that would thaw by the time the merely cold portions are used up.


Currently I have stored 14 meals for the week, the TC 30 and nutritional powder in containers together. I suspect the farmhand is pouring the CocoSoya into the container after the feeding shift is done, i.e., 8 to 12 hours before the next feeding. So after the evening feed, the farmhand prepares the meal for the morning feed. Same routine after the morning feed, prepares for evening feed.


I will see if the farmhand is willing to mix the two components right before feeding as you suggest if no one can say that the nutritional supplement will retain its value if mixed with oil or water products for any length of time.



Karin & Inky

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July 27, 2015





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