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Thank you all for the kind feedback. I am very grateful to this site, Dr. Kellon, Lavinia, and my own farrier, as they are the sole reasons Felix isn't fertilizing cactus. He is finally very comfortable and I am excited and anxious to see how far back he can come! 

Lavinia, yes the radiographs were taken this time in boots with some kind of straps that caused the odd shadows, rather than the wooden blocks from last time. He tends to have a slight pulse on both fores, never on hinds, and some days it is a little easier to find than others. It makes sense to me that it could still be damage from the sinking. Vet noted slight heat in one fore as well, though that wasn't as apparent to me. I look forward to receiving your mark-ups, and please note that the newest hoof pics were taken after latest trim, which was done after radiographs.

Blood work is in and Case History is updated, thanks Paula for the tips! I used IR calculator as well. Vet seems to think Felix might have EMS, is that related to IR? Would I need to run more tests? Is EMS a disease or metabolism? Since the Insulin numbers looked good, I'm hoping the unsoaked Bermuda has acceptable sugar/starch content. I don't have room to store a squeeze, so am continuously hunting for sellers who test hay, but no such luck in Arizona. Anyone have any tips out here? I've been supplementing with the Ontario Dehy Timothy Cubes as much as I can afford. Also in my quests to find low sugar/starch foods, the lowest consistent sugars have been in the Mountain Sunrise Alfalfa Pellets, which are steam bound. The Timothy pellets are usually higher, should I switch to the alfalfa pellets as a carrier for Copper Complete? I also have a friend with a pasture sound recovered founder horse who swears by Lakin Lites, says her horse didn't begin to recover and be healthy until she switched. I don't like the molasses as a binder, and also have read that alfalfa should be fed in low percentages. But is it harmful to feed small amounts of alfalfa? Is the main concern the iron overload? How do small amounts of Alfalfa negatively affect a horse? All I have read is that some horses have adverse reactions with not much explanation. My farrier has suggested beet pulp, but the numbers I have found state that beet pulp is higher in ESC/starch than the plain alfalfa pellets. Should I do a hay analysis on a single or a couple different bales, thinking that they are all similar in this region? Thanks for enduring all these questions.

Jaini, thank you for the feedback about diet and exercise! It's slowly getting less overwhelming. Druid has been a huge inspiration through everything, knowing that he recovered and seeing the painstaking year he endured has helped me press on when Felix was at his worse. With the help of my farrier (we both have so many photos, notes, and memories), I'm sure we could come up with a timeline in the future. I'm hoping Felix will be able to return to work, but we shall see! We are only half way there, but the hardest part is behind us. Thank you for the encouragement.

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