Re: Hank cushings

Jade <jadewat@...>

Hi Jaini, 

hanks ACTH levels were 86 pg/ml. 

we didn't include an insulin test for Hank, should I have that done now we know he has cushings? What diet should I be starting him on? He's at pasture, would a diet similar to my laminatic horse cookie be ok whilst I make arrangements for a proper nutrition annalysis? My other horse is stabled, on soaked hay, Carol leytons laminitis mix, salt, magnesium, Apple cider vinegar, vitamin e, equine chai, gastro coat, and 1 cup of hygain zero. Is this suitable to get Hank started on some supplements or should I wait until I have something tailored to him? 

Thank you. 


December 2016, Adelaide Hills, SA, Australia

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