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k frog

Hi Paula,

 Thank you for your comments. 

 In regards to my soaking method, I soak the hay in a 27gallon tub. I put the hay net in the tub, place a bucket full of water for weight on the hay, and fill the tub until the hay is submerged, probably 10-12 gallons. I soak for a minimum of one hour, sometimes up to two. I pull the hay net out of the water and set it on a metal grate (that used to be in my slow feeder box until I noticed it was wearing grooves in my horses teeth) raised up off the ground to drain. On days I work and time is limited, I drain about 15min, it seems to have stopped dripping. This is 3 days a week. The other days of the week, the hay drains at least 30 minutes.

 In regards to grass or unauthorized treats, the closest thing to that would be the handful of dry, unsoaked hay I give her to keep her satisfied while she watches me prepare her upcoming meal. I am changing this by splitting her beet pulp supplement feeding to twice daily, instead of once daily, so I can give her this safe choice. On days I don't work I am able to feed her multiple times a day, on days I work, I have to feed twice daily.

I am planning to send a new hay sample in for testing, both dry and soaked. I inquired at EA about preparing the soaked hay for them and they suggested soaking it as I do, then drying it 'for awhile' before packing it up to send to them. Do you know what 'awhile' might mean? I have a food dehydrator I could use, or do they just mean 'not dripping wet'?

Thank you for the direct link to the exercise recommendation. It is well written and clear that Splash isn't quite there yet, but a great guideline.

Thank you again Paula
Karen F

October 2013

Molalla, Oregon

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