Re: Cushings and hives


I am not sure that the hives/bug bites/scabs/itchy allergic reaction is part
of Cushings, but maybe just something that happens with a compromised immune
system. I have read from the pet forum, before I lost the site, that many
equines suffer this same problem, with or without Cushings, I fear. It is
just so predictable, with Pandora Mule. I hate that she suffers this every
year. I have used my own steroid cream on her, but if I order it for her it
is $69 a tube, which is good for about 2 applications, not very sensible and
not that effective. I have tried sprays, no sprays, espiol products, skin so
soft preparations, medicated bag balm, gentle iodine, lime suphur wash ( I
think it was, for more of a fungus problem) and even plain brown vinegar
(which seemed the most effective of anything --- operating on the "You can
catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar principle.") So here
we are again. Oh, the thing that I did link to Cushings, or at least to
foundering, was that the real cure for her skin problem, unfortunately, in
hindsight, was Azium. Both the vet and I suspect that this caused her major
founder problems. So you win some and you lose some. This was about 5 years
ago, and since then we have been watching her suffer numerous hoof abscesses.
In all fairness, she had them previously too, just not so many! She is now
17 years old and I can not tell you how many hoof abscesses she has had and
been treated for, just too darn many, that is for sure. But she has this
marvelous, "I can make it" attitude and that is what makes her such a
treasure. She is a patient patient and never gives up! Yep, I love her,
every inch of that scabby little body, I love her! Kay

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