Re: keeping feet/legs warm


How big a horse is Jake?  I think I have some quarter horse size Summer Whinneys that I could give you.  I would have to hunt them down.  

They are small.  I suspect they would not fit. They are designed to fit the type of Quarter Horse that had very little, narrow feet.  I was not even able to put them over the hooves of my Arab who had nice big round hooves.

Whinney Warmers may have changed their sizing by now, but be aware that they were at one time very difficult to get over hooves.  Not at all like putting on wool tube socks that tend to have more stretch to go over the hoof that is normallly considerably wider than the leg (except with QH's with horribly contracted heels).

Gail Russell
Forestville CA  Brother PPID  2008

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