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Great job! Hope all who have put in so much time and effort can breathe a sigh of relief! I'm excited to refer people to the beautiful new site!

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In 2008, the ECIR Group was approaching its 10th anniversary. Prior to that, many discussions had taken place focusing on how to make ECIR protocol information more available to equine caregivers and the professionals who work with them. From these weeks-long discussions, Dr. Kellon and Senior Member Amberlee devoted many, many hours to the creation of the ECIR Group website.

The site,, was unveiled in October of 2009. In the original announcement, Amberlee noted: “This is really to help all the new members just coming on board and all the old members seeking new information. It's about providing organized access to information. It’s a place for people to send vets that doesn't require joining anything. I wanted information that was simple enough for the new member who needs to breathe deeply and be armed with enough information to clearly interact with their local professionals.”

In 2011, Senior Member Patti launched our sister conference site, and, through that site, devoted countless hours to the success of both the 2011 and 2013 conferences.

In ensuing years, articles by Dr. Kellon, Linda, Lavinia, and LeeAnne were contributed. Amberlee devoted many, many volunteer hours as webmaster, as did Patti.

Because of this original work and the hours of work that continued over the years from these committed volunteers, garners an average of 17,000 unique visits per month.  That is an important figure.

The new website being launched today has had over 100 pages reviewed and re-written with updated info. The Success Stories, now renamed Case Chronicles, have all been updated. Over 50 photos and images — the majority, ECIR Group member horses — have been used to illustrate what is possible. The ECIR Group Inc. NO Laminitis! Film is up front and center.

Most importantly, and as always, explains in detail all the signs, symptoms, and physiology of Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction (PPID) and Insulin Resistance (IR); detailed information is presented on various testing procedures and treatment, as well as background as to why they are recommended.

For equine professionals and for owners wishing to learn all they can, detailed supporting studies and back-up data are available to be shared. Proceedings from the 2013 and 2015 NO Laminitis! Conferences may be downloaded for free. Case Chronicles and Reports from the Field point to the effect the ECIR Group and the hard work of equine caregivers can have on individual cases.

The new site has been eight months in the making. Many thanks to web designer, Sullivan+Wolf Design, LLC. Special thanks to Jannalee, who has done extraordinary editing work. Thanks to ECIR Directors, Senior Members, and our wonderful Response Team who continue to provide input.  

Whether using the info yourself, or sending to your vets, your hoof pros, or your horse owners, make good use of, and please give us your feedback.

Nancy C in NH
ECIR Moderator 2003
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