Re: Question About Stabul 1

Nancy C

Hi Lindsey and all

I just spoke with Randy on this issue.  Starch typically runs 4 percent. Additionally there are four independently run tests in the files that show ~4 percent for starch.

It should also be noted that the recipe is proprietary, and the list of ingredients is not in order of amount used.  IOW wheat middlings are not the first ingredient based on total percent of the recipe. The alfalfa is also very low.

In a perfect world we’d love to see less than four percent.   Most horses can deal with 4%, some very sensitive ones will not be able to.

I know first-hand that rising insulins are so frustrating.  To see what else may be affecting any insulin draw a complete picture is needed when reviewing: time of year, time of day, temperature, when they ate relative to the draw, exercise, if any that day, etc.

Personal experience: I have used Stabul1 for five years or so.  Stabul1 and ODTB Cubes are the best places to go as a carrier for IR horses, IME and IMO.  My severely IR horse tolerated up to 3 pounds of the Stabul1 as we tried to get weight on him, with out significant insulin increases due to the feed.

Nancy C in NH
ECIR Moderator 2003

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