Re: Does Rinsing hay lower any nutrients besides IRON?


I have to borrow a hay probe to core hay for testing. Lavinia told me she always saves some cored hay when she is testing her hays in case she wants to have an additional test done at a later time. Good Idea! I sent my hay test off  and didn't say a sample. So for the 2nd test of "rinsed" hay I decided to  send a sample of hay rinsed exactly as I actually rinse my hays. I took a hay sample from multiple bales, not cored, packed it into one of my "Mini" hay nets and rinsed. I use cold water from our well. I have a nice deep tub that allows he to imerse hay nets fully. (The tub is scrubbed 1-2xday) I use a manual clothes plunger/wand on each hay net and REALLY vigorusly work each net of hay up and down. Here is a link to the manual washer I use. They work really well to wash and rinse anything including hay! It also works for washing horse bandages and saddle pads. I used an old metal version of this kind of plunger back when I groomed race horses at the tracks. Much easier and more efficient for hay rinsing than other method I tried early on and it aloows you to keep you hands out of the water.

I dried the hay over a few days then reduced it in size for shipping to the lab. We'll see what the new iron test shows. 

I have found that rinsing my horse's hay for dust and mold spores works fine. He is heavey and reacts to inhaling dust and spores. Just rinsing has been working REALLY WELL. If I have a hay that isn't tested low ECS/starch I soak it for an hour in cold water then give it a quick plunging before draining.


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