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I found using peppermint OIL (diluted with water) worked to get my horse eating his minerals. I used the Triple Crown "Natural" Timothy cubes as a carrier. Lightly soaked with small amount of hot water they expand out and are slightly damp, so they do not turn mushy or soggy. My horse dislikes wet feed. I mix a dram (1/2 tsp?) of Loran Peppermint Oil into water in a plastic sports bottle with a squeeze top. This is enough to last for a week of 2xday use. Get the horse hooked on the peppermint then start adding the mins a bit at a time. Increase a little each week. 

I was considering switching to Stabul 1 as a carrier then realized that the pellets would likely fall apart with water. I stuck with the cubes which still  good "chew" factor as long as you don't put too much water on the cubes. 

The reason I suggest Loran peppermint oil is the extracts made by other companies are much MUCH weaker. Oils are stronger in taste requiring a lot less qty for flavoring. Walmart sell the tiny 1 dram bottles in a 2-pack, found in the cake decorating area of their stores. Or you can buy bigger bottles on

- Bonnie Snodgrass 07-2016

Charles County, Maryland

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