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Stephanie Stout

Hi Lorna and Maggie,

I just uploaded a new version of King's CH. It wouldn't let me delete the old one, but the new one says 'updated' in the file name. I hope that helps. If you can delete the old CH, please do! 

Unfortunately, the vet that did the blood has now moved out of state so I'm not going to be able to get her to rerun the blood work. I do have an appointment with a different vet tomorrow to hopefully rerun the blood work. I know I will have to pay for it again, but I don't think there is much I can do about it at this point. 

There is confusion with Cornell. I called Cornell to ask if they had received the blood samples(vet was in the middle of moving, so I knew I couldn't get a hold of her) and Cornell said blood samples were not testable due to receiving whole blood and not plasma. So, I started figuring out who could redo the blood work, etc and then yesterday the original vet forwarded me the results...So I am not sure who to believe, or if the blood was accurate or inaccurate. 

I don't have any Pergolide capsules besides the 20mg. Should I wait until I get the next blood work(hopefully this week if the vet shows up tomorrow) to increase his dosage? Or should I break apart a 20mg capsule, divide it up the best I can to give him more? How much higher should I increase if I do that?

He was in good weight and doing well back in the end of August/September when I increased him from 16mg to 20mg. He started declining(weight and energy) around Thanksgiving, and I kept asking to run ACTH and Insulin. It took the vet forever(January) to get out here to run the blood. I guess something about 54 inches of snow and being snowed in for 3 months didn't help either!

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