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Thanks Maxine. Good to hear! I am now pretty convinced this is seasonal rise (now that I understand how this works and its not just about grass in Autumn). I was also about to ween him off Pergolide using a herbal method recommended by McDowells Herbs Its a 12 week program. A saddle fitter I know in WA was able to ween her horse of it with great success. I just hate how it dulls him down. But then he has not really been 100% pain free since this started back in April 2016. I was in denial for some time initially and have only completely taken him off the grass in December 2016. Not that I have much but I now realise this can be worse than being on a lush paddock. I wish I knew then, what I know now :|

How much are you increasing your dose of Pergolide by? I'm thinking of going up another half tab today...just not sure if that is too much too soon.

Thanks again Maxine, I greatly appreciate your input and concern :)
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