Re: prascend or pergolide for a mare?? AND chaste tree berry and prascend


Hi, Sandie - Prascend is pergolide. Prascend is the brand name for the drug pergolide mesylate. A recommendation not to use Prascend, but to instead use pergolide, makes no sense as they are the same thing. Your nutritionist is confused, or you mis-understood her.

There really isn't enough information on the interactions between pergolide/Prascend and chaste tree berry. CTB has a slightly different mechanism of action. It will not bring down the ACTH at all, but will sometimes help with clinical signs such as getting the horse to shed. Don't rely on it to help with laminitis or immune system issues. By all means add CTB as an adjunct to assist in shedding, but still keep the ACTH in low to middle range with pergolide/Prascend.


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