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Don't bother with Rush Creek minerals. Free choice minerals are always a bad idea: horses tend to be driven by a craving for salt, and may consume way too much, or not nearly enough, of a free choice mineral. Also, you have no idea how much your horse is ingesting.  Until you get your hay analyzed, and can get minerals balanced to your hay, use Uckele U-balance Foundation; or California Trace or California Trace Plus. Can't really advise any further without knowing where you live, or having a case history. What is your Carb Free Grain?  Lots of bagged feeds are totally unsuitable.   Here is a list of safe feeds:  rinsed/soaked/rinsed beet pulp, soy hull pellets, Ontario Dehy Timothy Balance Cubes, Nuzu Stabul 1, Triple Crown TC Lite (very small amounts), TC 30, LMF Low NSC Stage 1, LMF Low NSC Complete,  These feeds are only used to get the minerals, vitamins and salt into the horse, not as balancers or actual supplements.

Regarding CoQ10:   Is the CoQ10 useful? I don't know, because there aren't enough data for horses. Proven anti-oxidants include MovEase from My Best Horse, and PhytoQuench from Uckele. Right now, keep it simple. Use the Temporary Emergency Diet just as it is presented; get a hay analysis; and most important, make sure you follow the Diagnosis, Diet, TRIM protocol. 

Hope this helps!


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