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Thanks for tip Maxine - I will read the archive files.

I wonder if the seasonal rise begins with the Summer Solstice? After the longest day has passed, the horses all start to shed their Summer coats... it was December 22nd.

If we were all still Pagans, in touch with nature and the changing of the seasons, we'd be all over this seasonal rise business ;)

I've had to put him on bute again. He was in so much pain yesterday. And then one of my other horses basically attacked him and pushed him into a fence and gate. He limped away with a bloody eye and massive bite on his back and cuts on his legs. He looks like he did 10 rounds with Rocky. Thankfully the eye is much better today. It was just the lid but it blew up like a balloon. He looked very sad last night and I spent a good part of the eveing in tears. However am happy to report that the swelling on his eye has subsided considerably overnight and after I trimmed his hooves this morning and he walked away much better than before the trim. I've taken all his wall away from grown level now all the way around both front hooves.  I'm sure the bute can take most of the credit here. BUT he's moving again and looking a lot happier! I will only have him 10ml of bute for a week maximum and taper him off slowly over the following week or so.

I will have his ACTH tested in around 3 weeks also I think. I'll keep him on 2mg for now and see how he goes. And you're not wrong - the tests are not cheap at all! How soon would the ACTH be affected by a dosage increase do you think?
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