Re: Help with feeding supplements

Sara Gooch

Alternate way to dose a pergolide pill:
Cut the tip end off of a 12ml syringe. Suck up about 3/4 syringe full of unsweetened applesauce. Stick the pill in the syringe. Suck a little more applesauce into the syringe. Syringe the applesauce and pill as far back in the horses mouth as you can and gently raise the horse's head after dosing.Watch the ground for a few minutes to make sure it's not spit out. If your horse spits it out, have your applesauce handy, pick up the pill and try again. I've found that my horses have a harder time spitting out the pill if it sits in the applesauce for several minutes and gets soft before I syringe it into the mouth. My three horses like the applesauce, and I dose them without having to halter them, but they do wish I wouldn't spoil the taste of the applesauce with the pergolide pill!

Sara Gooch, 2011, NE California

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