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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Shannon,

From the xrays in Feb, Majik had major issues with the toes being too long, soles thin and the HPA (hoof-pastern axis) being broken back, meaning it was dipping rearward rather than being correctly aligned. In her case, this means that the wedges in the Soft Rides are OK for the time being as they will lift the rear half of her foot, thereby straightening out the HPA. Until the trim is fixed so that the toes are at an appropriate length and the heels are no longer under run and are standing more upright, she will continue to "spin her wheels" as far as long-lasting comfort. As long as the HPA remains broken back, the likelihood that she will develop ringbone or other pathologies will also be increased.

Soft Ride boots are not intended to be used for anything more energetic than walking. If she runs around in a turnout area then try turning her out in a smaller area that will discourage her from running yet will still allow her to move around some at a more controlled pace. If/when you get those toes correctly backed up, her current SRs will be much too large anyway so investing in boots that are more secure would make sense at that point.

Although the "rings" may be growing out (yes, a good thing), she still isn't growing in a well-connected hoof capsule as the excessive toe length keeps tearing apart all attempts her feet are making to heal.

Overall, the growth rate of her feet is fine. It's the direction that is the problem as heel growth and heel height are two different animals. Majik is growing plenty of heel, it is just being pulled forward and squashed under so is not able to perform its many functions well. All shoes direct weight bearing to the walls - which is NOT a positive. The better systems use packing to provide sole/frog support as well so that the negatives from the peripheral load-bearing are minimized. The last thing Majik needs right now is shoes to be applied to those overly long toes and run under heels as that will only exacerbate all the problems.

I don't see any need for a CBC/chem profile at this time unless there is something else going on that you haven't mentioned/added to her case history. Save your money for the needed ACTH, insulin, glucose, leptin tests that she really needs.

Great that you've added flax, vit E and a bit of salt to her diet - it's a start. Would advise that you get rid of the Himalayan salt block as it is NOT helping and could be a negative as they contain so many impurities (like iron) that aren't needed and that you are paying for. The Simply Flax and Elevate are perfectly good supplements, just extremely expensive. You can get the same benefits by using vit E gelcaps and Triple Crown Golden Naturals Flax (used to be called Omega Max) and save yourself over $31 per month.
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