Re: Top Foda Hay - "low sugar"

Maxine McArthur

 <I will have his ACTH tested in around 3 weeks also I think. I'll keep him on 2mg for now and see how he goes. And you're not wrong - the tests are not cheap at all! How soon would the ACTH be affected by a dosage increase do you think?>

Hi Dianne

As far as I can tell from talking to people here and reading the group's messages, it is again an individual thing when you see a change. I remember someone writing that their horse would show increased hoof comfort within a few days, and often they will appear brighter quite quickly. Personally, I have found that it takes a week to ten days for my mare to feel properly better on an increased dose. There is some excellent advice on monitoring symptoms in this post: 

The retesting advice is to do it in 2-4 weeks after reaching your target dose. Unfortunately in the seasonal rise, that can be a moving target! Hope one of the mods will chime in if I've got anything wrong...

(And if you knew how many tears I have shed over my horse, you'd think I was nuts!)


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