Can I stop soaking hay?

k frog

Hi all,

 This question probably isn't as simple as I think, but maybe.

 I have purchased two tons of hay that is from the same field as my current hay, only it is the second cutting. I am hoping I can stop soaking hay.

1st cutting ESC-9.8%, Starch-.5% for a combined 10.3%

2nd cutting ESC-6.9%, Starch-.6% for a combined 7.5%

Splash is doing great, lots of energy, moving well, and has even lost a little weight (she was probably a BS 6, and now I'd say she is a 5.5).

The only other notable difference in the hays is the CP. 1st cutting 11.7%. 2nd cutting is 14.6%.

Thanks for your input. Frozen fingers crossed.
Karen F

October 2013

Molalla, Oregon

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